Posted by: jesusmessiah | July 31, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse This Weekend

This weekend there will be a total solar eclipse. This happens to be on the 1st of Av which I mentioned the significance of the day in the last post about the eclipses in 7 years.

I just wanted to touch on the significance of this eclipse a little more. I have discussed this with Mark Biltz and here is what I have gathered from our discussions.

The Bible tells us to look for signs in the heavens, and this may possibly be one of them. With all the tension going on with Iran, USA, Israel, Syria, etc…, this could hold huge significance.

If you locate the eclipse in the sky when it happens you will notice a few things. Let’s look at the constellations. First, you’ll notice Virgo is to the left representing Israel. Cancer is the crab which is unclean and represents the nations wanting to attack Israel. Leo the lion represents Messiah protecting Israel. Mars under the feet and speaks of war. Venus which is the bright morning star is at his chest. Mercury is the messenger in the claw of the crab showing a message being delivered to the nations. And the total solar eclipse happens at the head of the crab!

My thinking is this, and let me say this is my pure speculation. I believe there will be some sort of attack either on the day of the eclipse or 9 days later which would be the 9th of Av, which is also a very historic and important day. But only time will tell. I am excited to see what will take place.


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