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The 12 Imam (Al-Mahdi)

I wanted to make a post discussing the messiah that Shi’a Muslims are expecting and how it plays into Christianity.

According to the Islamic belief, an Imam is an anointed leader or ruler. This is especially so among the Shi’a sect of Islam. According to Shi’a beliefs, an Imam is thought (though not required), to be a prayer leader or cleric when the word is capitalized. Sunnis also believe an Imam may be a prophet. Shiites believe not all prophets can be an Imam but an Imam can also be a prophet. An Imam is said to be anointed by Allah and a perfect example of leading mankind in every way. The Shiite interpretation is that only Allah can appoint an Imam and no man has the power to do so.

Within the Shiite, (which is predominate in Iran), it is prophesied that there is a coming Imam, the 12th Imam, who is the great spiritual savior. This Imam is named Abu al-Qasim Muhammad or also called Muhammad al Mahdi. He is said to have been born the son of the 11th Imam, Hasan Al-Askari and his wife, the granddaughter of an Emperor. There are conflicting statements of her name being either Fatima or Nargis Khatoon. The 12th Imam is said to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, having divine status as did each of this succession of sons. The 12th Imam is also called the Hidden Imam and the Mahdi (guided one).

Most accounts of the story say that al Mahdi went into hiding as a child around the age of 5 years (about the 13th Century) or thrown into a well to escape persecution. It is also said that he has been in hiding in caves ever since but will supernaturally return just before the Day of Judgment.

According to the Hadith (oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad) there is criteria for his arrival.

  • He will be a descendant of Muhammad and the son of Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter).
  • He will have a broad forehead and pointed nose.
  • He will return just before the end of the world.
  • His appearance will be proceeded by three years of world chaos, tyranny, and oppression.
  • He will escape from Medina to Mecca and thousands will pledge allegiance to him.
  • He will rule over the Arabs and world for seven years.
  • He will make a 7 year peace treaty with a Jew of priestly lineage.
  • He will lead military action against all who oppose him.
  • He will enforce the Shi’ria Law when he returns.
  • He will eradicate all tyranny and oppression bringing harmony and total peace.
  • He will unite the Muslim world and the Jewish world and create a one world government.
  • He will lead a prayer in Mecca which Jesus will be at his side and follow in.

When you study the Word of God, you’ll see that much of this ties in with what is prophecies out of the coming Antichrist. Sometimes I just think to myself, it just seems as though they read the Bible and picked out all of the characteristics intentionally and said that will be their messiah. Now, I also want to state that just because this is what Muslims prophesy will happen does not mean it will at all. But I want to state that it is entirely possible that Satan could use this to mislead many.

Remarkably, the 12th Imam theory plays heavily into the world’s current concerns with Iran. The Shiite Muslim President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al Mahdi. There have been many through the years claiming to be the Hidden Imam but Ahmadinejad believes he is yet to come. He claims that he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi. In order to save the world, it must be in a state of chaos and subjugation. Ahmadinejad claims he was “directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi”. This apocalyptic directive includes some very scary proclamations.

While Christians look for Jesus’ 2nd coming, the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam. However, of the three, Allah’s designated Mahdi is the only one who demands a violent path to conquer the world. Mr. Ahmadinejad, and his cabinet, say they have a ‘signed contract’ with al Mahdi in which they pledge themselves to his work. What does this work involve? In light of concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly stated Israel should be wiped off the map. He spoke to the United Nations in September ’05. During that speech he claims to have been in an aura of light and felt a change in the atmosphere during which time no one present could blink their eyes. Iran’s PM is also said to have spoken in apocalyptic terms and seems to relish conflict with the West whom he calls the Great Satan. This is while he proclaims he must prepare the world for the coming Mahdi by way of a world totally under Muslim control. He is working hard to bring about the world-wide horrors that must be in place for their al Mahdi to bring peace.

This notion and goal, along with a violent hatred of infidels, America and Israel reminds us of Biblical prophecies of the coming anti-Christ and the pledges of millions to a deceiving False Messiah who will claim to bring peace. Could this 12th Imam Mahdi and his servant Ahmadinejad spark the last days of the coming true Savior?



  1. I think it’s pretty hilarious that Obama thinks he can talk Ahmadinejad down. It really shows some ignorance of there culture. I just read a really good article,Should The President of the United States Talk to Ahmadinejad? , that does a pretty good job explaining why this probably wouldn’t have great results.

  2. Like in all three reliogens many claimed to be the awaiting one to reach some political or fianacial achievments. Ahmadinejad iLike in all three religions many claimed to be the awaiting one to reach some political or financials achievements. Ahmadinejad is like no others hoping for more political and financials achievements and gathering as much as possible people around him to achieve his cause. Al Mahadi meant to bring peace on earth after it filled with sins and injustice. He will be fought against because at that time people want be accepting justice and right. So he will mostly be in defense situation not in attack. Finally Ahmadinejad represent himself does not represent Shia, most shia don’t agree with what he is doing especially those outside Iran.s no like others

  3. Al-Mahdi will come Godwilling and he shall obliterate sins and injustice from the world and create a new world,a world under the canopy of Allah’s Shariah.This means that USA and Israel will be wiped from the globe for the world to be full of justice and peace.



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