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Hazon Gabriel (The Gabriel Revelation)

Much talk has been going around about this newly discovers tablet known as Hazon Gabriel in Hebrew, or The Gabriel Revelation in English. I also believe it’s being referred to as the Dead Sea Scroll in stone and also Gabriel’s Vision.

The text is written in ink on stone and dates to about the late first century B.C. and early first century A.D. It consists of 87 lines and is divided into two columns. The text is written in the first person, apparently by someone named Gabriel, and contains many Biblical phrases. It is an apocalyptic text and seems to have been written by a supporter of the Davidic dynasty.

Here now is where things get a little exciting. The text from the stone shows that ancient Jewish groups believed the Messiah would die, be resurrected in three days, and ascent to Heaven. This is noted specifically and conveys a telling apocalyptic vision of the Archangel Gabriel. But one of the most important words in it has not been properly deciphered.

If you examine Line 80, it begins with the phrase Leshloshet yamin (In three days), followed by another word that the editors could not read. Then comes the phrase Ani Gavriel (I Gabriel). Professor Israel Knohl, Ha’aretz believes this “illegible” word is actually legible. It is the word hayeh (live) and that Gabriel the Archangel is giving orders to someone. Leshloshet yamin hayeh (In three days, you shall live). In other words, in three days, you shall return to life. The word haye written here is with an alef. Similar orthography appears in the Dead Sea Scrolls. For example in the Isaiah scroll, where the word yakeh (30:31) is written with an alef after the yod.

This is followed by traces of two more words. The letters are not easy to make out but the first word seems to begin with a gimmel and vav. The next word is not clear either. The lamed is quite legible, and the letter before it seems to be an ayin. Professor Knohl believe the sentence can be reconstructed as follows: Leshloshet yamin hayeh, ani Gavriel, gozer alekha (In three days, live, I, Gabriel command you). To whom is he speaking?

The answer appears in the following line. Line 81: Sar hasarin (Prince of Princes). The sentence reads: Leshloshet yamin hayeh, ani Gavriel, gozer alekha sar hasarin ( In three days, live, I Gabriel command you, prince of princes.) Who is the “prince of princes”? The primary biblical source for the Gabriel Revelation is the narrative in in Book of Daniel 8:15-26, in which the Archangel Gabriel reveals himself to Daniel for the first time. Gabriel describes a “king of fierce contenance.” This king “shall destroy them that are mighty and the people of the saints… he shall also stand up against the prince of princes”

The author of the Gabriel Revelation seems to be interpreting the biblical narrative as follows: An evil king arises and virtually destroys the Jewish people (the “people of the saints”). He even manages to overcome and slay their leader (the “prince of princes”). This is the leader who will be resurrected in three days.

Based on the linguistics and orthography, the Gabriel Revelation has been dated to the end of the 1st Century BC. Now the pivotal thing about this is that if the dating of this is true, which would be close to the time of the birth of Jesus, then there were people who believed that the death of the Messiah was an integral part of the salvation process. It became an article of faith that the slain Messianic leader would be resurrected within three days and rise to Heaven.

So this new discovery confirms that the belief in a slain and resurrected Messiah existed prior to the Messianic activity of Jesus and calls for a complete reassessment of all previous scholarship on the subject of Messianism, Jewish and Christian alike.



  1. Controversy never ceases in this area. Museum exhibits and academic conferences have been rigged, and a popular scrolls scholar who chairs the Judaica department at NYU has apparently been exposed as a plagiarist. See

  2. Haha I’m literally the first comment to this amazing writing.

  3. Incredibly great post! Really!

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