Posted by: jesusmessiah | August 8, 2008

Answers for the Rational Response Squad (Part 3)

4. When the believer gets to Heaven, how can Heaven be utter bliss when people they love and care about are burning in Hell ? – The Infidel Guy – [Note: Some say God erases your memories of them, but if God erases your memory, you as Mr. Joe /Jane Smoe ceases to exist.]

— The unregenerate mind has no concept of God’s mind or His infinite power. If God can speak the sun into existence; if He can see every thougth of every human heart at the same time; if He can create the human eye with its 137,000,000 light-sensitive cells, then He can handle the minor details of our eternal salvation. God promises that there will not be sorrow or crying in heaven. Our focus in heaven won’t be on our loss, but on our gain. I don’t know exactly how God will handle it, but He will. BTW, there is no biblical evidence that God will erase your memories.

5. How can a God have emotions, i.e. jealousy, anger, sadness, love, etc., if he is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent? Emotional states are reactionary for the most part. How can God react to us if he is all-knowing and has a divine plan? – IG [Note: Indeed, many religious texts display their gods this way . Listen to the An Emotional Godshow.]

–Knowing something does not prevent someone from reacting or being emotive toward it. If you were about to have a child, you know it’s coming, and when it comes out, that doesn’t stop you from being happy about it does it? Let me add that no where in Scripture is it ever mentioned that God was suprised by anything. So just because God knows what’s going to happen doesn’t stop Him from showing emotion toward it. —

6. Why would God create a place such as hell to torture sinners forever when he foreknew who would disappoint him? – IG [Note: Some say you have a choice, but this misses the point. If God hates sin so much, why create Adam and Eve when he knew they’d sin? The only conclusion I can come up with, if Yaweh exists, is that he wanted sin to enter the world.]

–First of all, Hell was not created as a place to torture sinners. Hell was created for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41). Secondly, God created Adam and Eve perfect and with free will. We can not possibly know all the reasons why God considered Creation. The Bible does tell us though that it is God’s desire for people to love and worship him. If mankind was forced to love God, that wouldn’t be true love at all. God wants us to choose to love him, that’s why Adam and Eve were given the free will. They had to option to love God by trusting and obeying Him, or they could sin against God by doing as they please.–

7. “God is all merciful,” we hear quite often. Wouldn’t it be more merciful of God to simply snap sinners out of existence rather than send them to hell? Or better yet, since he’s all-knowing, not allow them to be born at all? – IG
1.) God’s love is superlative.
2.) God’s love of man exceeds man’s love of self.
3.) Man’s love of self prohibits torture.
4.) Considering God’s greater love for us, Hell (eternal torture) is illogical.

— Simply put, no. It would not be more merciful of God to do that. God can use anyone for his purposes. That may be the alcoholic abusive father of a child. After being abused by his drunken father for years and finally having children of his own, makes a decision to never be like his father and instead is led to repentance. That person, whether they become a Christian or not in their lifetime, has the ability to affect others who may decide to accept Christ because of them. Another choice would be for God to judge and remove those who choose to commit evil acts. The problem with this possibility is that there would be no one left, for God would have to remove us all. We all sin and commit evil acts (Romans 3:23; Ecclesiastes 7:20; 1 John 1:8). While some people are more evil than others, where would God draw the line? Ultimately, all evil causes harm to others.

One more example would be the Joseph who was sold by his brothers as a servant and later came to power in Egypt. Later after famine set in where his family lived, his brothers came to Egypt for help. Later Joseph’s brothers begged for Joseph to forgive them of their terrible sin. And Joseph replied, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” —

8. Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day towards Mecca. Each prayer includes a variety of ritualism and posturing. If a muslim astronaut were to land on Mars. Prayer to Mecca would be ritualistically impossible due to the rotation of Earth and Mars. Are Muslims stuck here in Earth? IG [Note: Since this was first posted, a Muslim astronaut was faced with this very dilemma. The authoritative clergy informed him to pray as he normally would. I see this no where in the Koran. You see? Religions must change, or die out. It’s interesting to note that, in the Koran, the moon is believed to be in the lowest Heaven, the level for those that barely made it to Heaven. Surah 71:15-16. One problem, no man can supposedly get to Heaven until they die. Yet, we’ve been to the moon. Our satellites beyond that.]

–This question doesn’t particularly pertain to Christianity. If anything, this should help to prove that Islam is a system of false beliefs since there are no Muslims on the moon.–

9. Why haven’t we seen God reattach severed heads, restore someone who was burned alive or regrow amputated limbs? Surely these would be miracles difficult to deny. – Adam Majors and IG [Note: The typical answer is that man doesn’t dictate God’s actions. The conundrum here however is that, if God wants us to “know” him, then surely feats such as those mentioned above would be happening all over the world. Until they do, I’ll remain an atheist.]

— Strange how you say you would believe these miracles yet you can’t even believe in God after He raised someone from the dead.
Luke:16:31 “And he (Jesus) said to him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, thoug hone rose from the dead.?–

10. Why does God entrust the spreading of ‘His’ word to sinners? Why doesn’t he do it himself? – IG [Note: Surely God would have known that not everyone would be convinced by the reality[sic] of his Bible. If God loves us so much, we are all going to Heaven. If God knew that I would be an atheist, and he doesn’t like atheists, he shouldn’t have allowed me to come into existence. But he did. Therefore, I must be serving the will of God, for I exist. Smiling]

–In answering this question, one may simply choose to say “because He’s God and it’s His decision.” And that is true and even biblical (For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts -Isaiah 55:9)

In addition to the above theory, I would also offer this answer. I would describe God’s using us to accomplish His purposes as an act of love on His part toward us. He could do it without us, but then we wouldn’t be privileged to enjoy seeing God accomplish His purposes through us. For example, it’s always great when a hungry person gets food, but it is much more personally fufilling if you got to be the one to hand them the bread. I’m always excited to hear of someone trusting in Christ, but nothing is as exciting as when God allows me to be there when it happens! God uses us to accomplish His purposes for His good pleasure and for our benefit, not because we can do something he cannot.–


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