Posted by: jesusmessiah | August 19, 2008

Special Announcement

As I have mentioned previously before I went on vacation, I have been working on something big. I had intended to complete it within a few weeks, but it may take a little longer. Rather than post everything here when I am finished, I have decided that I will make an attempt to instead turn it into a book and attempt to get it published. So if you all would pray for me I would greatly appreciate it.

I do not wish to give many details about the book as of yet but I will tell you that it is non-fiction. Only 2 people know of what I have been doing. One is my wife and the other is a good friend of mine who is the inspiration for the book.

Also I should add that with my new goal ahead, I may not have as much time to work on as many posts as usual but I will do my best. The support from my readers helps motivate me to do as much as I can and hopefully after my book is completed I will be able to publish many more posts.

I will keep you all posted with the progress.


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